Traditional Chinese Healthcare

I offer a variety of techniques that I combine to help you feel your best.


TCM Acupuncture

Gentle yet effective, traditional Chinese medical Acupuncture is used to stimulate the body's hormones, circulation and anti-inflammatory mechanisms using the Traditional Chinese channel and meridian system for best acupuncture health practice.


A warming herbal charcoal is applied to the body to invigorate the natural health mechanisms and support and stimulate the immune system.

A relaxing and powerful TCM modality for better health and wellbeing.



Results focused stimulation using a gentle electrical charge to the acupuncture needles.

Relaxing and powerful addition to treatments wherever appropriate.

TCM Cupping, Bodywork and Acupressure

A traditional glass fire-cupping is applied to the body to move blood and lymphatic fluid, stimulate your immunity and energise circulation. Used for stagnation, tension or recovery from activity.

Hands-on work using the TCM healthcare model of the body to soothe, warm, release, stimulate the musculature, channels and meridians, and can be used for treatment instead of needles for needle phobia.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Support

Nutrient rich, Chinese herbal medicine support for many disorders to support the results of acupuncture. In raw form for boiling at home  or easy-to-use herbal powders. 

From trusted, certified UK providers; vegan and organic wherever possible.